Things NOT to do at the Cinema!

Today we thought that we would explore ‘Cinema Etiquette’! Going to the cinema is an exciting and special event! People take this practice very seriously!

Let us set the scene…. You walk into a dark and foreboding room. The only light you can see spills from a large screen hanging from the wall. You take you seat and nestle into one of the big, comfy chairs. You sip your cool, cup of lemonade and enjoy the sweet taste of the bubbles. Your eyes are filled with the wonders from the screen… Everything seems endless!

THEN you hear a crunch, a rustle, a rip and a SLURP! 

Your life begins to slowly unravel….. Something has disrupted your idyllic cinema experience!


Photo by – Jeremy Brooks – Flickr

Being disrupted during a film is highly irritating! The crunch of popcorn, the rustle of a packet of chips, the rip of a M&Ms packet and the slurp of a large frozen coke, can send cinema goers into a frantic state! Let us not forget the hopelessly devoted couple who only look at each other, NOT the screen. Not only are these things distracting, but it disrupts the flow of a film!











The Inseparable Movie Couple… Photo by – Diadà – Flickr Australian Indigenous Films are often very quiet and subtle. They have a lot of stillnesses and silences. The 2009 film ‘Samson and Delilah’ (Warwick Thornton) is a highly visual story. Even though the two characters do not speak that often, the story is told through their facial expressions, the film score and the landscape. Films like this require silence in the cinema!

In 2012 UK cinema chain Empire Cinemas, put together a poll and asked people ‘what they found most annoying about watching movies in cinemas’. The poll, which comprised of 1,500 people, found  52 per cent of people were annoyed by people talking. This was the most annoying thing identified by film goers.

The second item on the poll found that 25% of people found loud rustling, crunching and drink slurping a major gripe.  Other top irritations include people playing on their mobile phones, putting their feet up on the chairs and having the plot ruined by social media.

Please look at the Video10 Most Annoying Things People Do At A Movie Theater

One of the most interesting statistics that came out of the poll was that 85% of people said that they would like to see an official cinema code of conduct introduced, to keep the bad behaviour of customers in check. This statistic surprised us, as we believed that people didn’t care THAT much if people were rude. We think a ‘cinema code of conduct’ should be put into place, as people would then be more respectful at the cinema.

People don’t realise that a few hundred people have worked on the film they are seeing. Thousands upon thousands of hours have been devoted towards that picture. People should therefore respect that process and be silent in the cinema!

Please enjoy The Empire Cinemas Etiquette Guide



Cover Photo by – Kristof De Smet – Flickr


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