So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye… To a Bran Nue Day!

Well it has come to that time! The end of the campaign/road…! I will be packing up my swag and movin’ to the country! What is left for me in this dismal world!

Well ALOT is actually left for me… ignore my pretentious wallowing! But this is the last day of the Bran Nue Day for Indigenous film campaign! Working on this campaign has been an amazing experience, and I am so grateful I chose such an interesting topic! 

From beginning with a simple Objective (to raise awareness and promote Indigenous films in Australia) – to ending with a deep knowledge of the Indigenous film industry, I am very happy with what I have achieved! 

Some of the campaign’s major successes

  • The biggest success of the campaign was engaging and teaching students at Davidson High School! 
    • This lesson provided students with information about the Indigenous film industry, through games and hands on exercises.
    • I’m so glad that I went to Davidson, as it not only enriched the students, but it enriched my learning as well 
  • Connecting with Influencers on Twitter, was a major highlight of the campaign
    • I connected with over 126 people, many of who were industry professionals, actors, producers and studio leaders
    • Some of they key influencers that followed me includes,
    • Cinéfest Oz’ (a prestigious Australian Film Festival held in Perth) – Cinêfest have also retweeted the campaigns posts 3-4 times
    •  Luke Pearson (CEO of Indigenous X) 
    • 2SER 107.3 (A community radio station connected to UTS that has 11 200 followers!)
    • Tony Briggs (An Aboriginal producer of the upcoming television show The Warriors)
    • Tony Lomas (Ex ABC News and 7.30 Report editor)
    • WGAR News (Working Group for Aboriginal Rights: monitors alternative media, giving priority to grassroots Aboriginal voices)
    • Fiona Jose (Indigenous leader dedicated to education, reform & empowering change for Indigenous Australia) 


Bran Nue Day Twitter Page | Picture Source – Amy Johnston 2016

Thanks again to all of those who helped me along the way! Indigenous cinema is something that should be treasured in Australia, and I will continue to fight for its awareness! 

Please go out and see and experience as many Indigenous films as possible! 


Cover Picture Source – Rusty Stewart – Flickr


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